Monday, November 17, 2008

MASSIVE CHANGE at Design Indaba 2009

What if we could do anything? What if the questions surrounding design turned out to be the big questions? What if life itself became a design project? What if the welfare of the entire human race became design’s practical objective? What if we succeeded?

These are just some of the questions why Bruce Mau’s groundbreaking book and exhibition, Massive Change, are nothing short of being a design cult movement. In 2006, Massive Change summed up the progressive ethos that has infiltrated 21st century creativity.

“Design has prevailed as one of the world’s most powerful forces. It perches us at the beginning of an unprecedented period of human possibility, where all economies and ecologies hold the capacity to merge as global, relational and interconnected,” announced Mau.

Don’t miss Bruce Mau at Design Indaba 2009.

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