Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5.5 question the status quo at Design Indaba 2009

Who can be sure whether green or yellow is the best colour? Whether baroque or gothic is more appropriate? Serif or sans serif? Zig-zags or swirls? Minimalism or maximalism? Whether a designed object is really more valid than its mass produced counterpart? But then, what is design? Is it style or function? Process or end product? Bricks or wallpaper?

Don’t expect to find answers from Paris’s 5.5 design collective – they’ll just riddle you with more questions, invade your assembly line, champion the discontinued product line, mould a cushion from your belly and start a garden in your lounge furniture.

"We ask these questions by designing objects. When you work in a team, it’s impossible to just talk about shape or colour. What has become important for the 5.5 designers is not a question of style, shape, colours or form, but the way that we perceive projects," explains Anthony Lebossé on behalf of the group of four – read the whole interview in the latest edition of Design Indaba magazine.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the 5.5 designers in person at Design Indaba from February 25 to 27, 2009.

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