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Presented by the KZNSA Gallery in partnership with Design Indaba. Opens Sunday 16 November 2008 at 4pm with a performance by the South Jersey Pom-poms.

The inaugural SUSS'T exhibition, which takes place at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban for two months from November 16, 2008, is the result of a partnership between the KZNSA and Design Indaba. Curated by Brenton Maart, the exhibition catalogues and exhibits the broad wealth of design and creativity inherent in South Africa, most of whom regularly participate in the annual Design Indaba Expo. Exhibitors and objects have been selected based on their relevancy to sustainability (the concept from which the exhibition derives its name).

In showcasing the best of local sustainable design, the exhibition functions as an illustration of how design is capable of saving us from ourselves. Sustainability has long carried the stigma of inferior quality and being overpriced relative to the market. Additionally, the many elements of sustainability have been derided by neoclassical economists as economically inefficient. But the very definition of efficiency is radically changing as its measure shifts from profit to units of carbon, methane and social stability. With that shift, everything changes. And with new technologies and innovative approaches to materials and design, sustainability has lost its stigma. In fact, it's starting to sparkle and shine.

The exhibition adopts a multi-pronged definition of sustainability:

  • Environmentally and ecologically sustainable products, including Koop’s alien wood furniture by Richard Stretton and Angela Shaw, a minimalist range that packs up into a box.
  • Sustainable growth through skills development and application, including Ardmore Ceramics, whose depictions of indigenous animal and plant life, and visual interpretations of Zulu mythology, have seen them win major awards and their work housed in significant international art collections.
  • Sustainable economic growth through network development, including the Soda project, which is a best-practice model of collaboration between the country's high-end fashion industry and its skilled rural crafters.
  • Sustainable development, including the Hillcrest Aids Project (the makers of the gorgeous Little Travellers) and the Monkeybiz Project (who employ thousands of people in and around Cape Town to develop and produce the wacky beaded animals that have seen them gain international fame).

There are four key components to the exhibition:

Industrial and product design occupies the Main and Mezzanine Galleries, with signature work by Andrew Roberts, Andrew Walford, Ardmore, Avoova, Carla da Cruz, Cetsile Mbongosi, Chris de Beer, Colwyn Thomas, Daley Ntanzi, Elaine Woodbridge, Gillian Gerhardt, Fikile Makhanyazi, Gerald Bedeker, Give-It-Bag, Haldane Martin, Heath Nash, Hide, Hillcrest Aids Project, Khumba Mpanza, Kwakunzemnyama, Lindelani Ndinisa, Liv, Koop, Monkeybiz, Ncani Shaya, Ronel Jordaan, Sibongile Gina, Siya Frank, Simply Sam, Sonto Twala, Strangelove, Xavier Clarisse, Zenzulu, Zulu Bead Project and Zulu Lulu.

Fashion and jewellery design occupies the Mezzanine Gallery, with signature work by Amanda Laird Cherry, Black Coffee, Icon, Leigh Schubert, Lunar, Nic Bladen, Phillipa Green, Skermunkil, Soda, Springleap, Strangelove, Two and Veronika de Greef.

Books on art, design, fashion, music and culture, along with a selection of bound sketchbooks and diaries, occupy the new Glass Box Gallery. Editioned artists’ prints, drawings and sculptures are installed throughout the galleries, and include work by Andrew Verster, Claudette Schreuders, Colbert Mashile, Cameron Platter, Conrad Botes, Daniel Hirschmann, David Koloane, Judith Mason, Michael Croeser, Nhlanhla Xaba, Nils Eichberg, Oliver Schildt, Penny Siopis and Robert Hodgins.

Over the period of the exhibition there will be a number of special events including talks and demonstrations by artists and designers, performances, book launches and readings by authors and poets. Please watch the press for details.

Exhibition closes 11 January 2009.

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