Friday, March 14, 2008

Ivan Chermayeff

During Design Indaba 2008 we pioneered a new system whereby the audience could submit questions to the speakers via SMS. Unfortunately we didn't have time for all the questions, but I'll be posting the questions and answers on the blog.

First up, Ivan Chermayeff:

What do think of the new Xerox logo?

Didn't you know that Xerox was giving up copying documents in favor of selling beach balls to kids?

What computer program/s do you use when executing your work? Or do you work mostly by hand?

I draw, cut, and splice by hand. The office sometimes follow through, or I direct others with nimbler hands using Illustrator and Photoshop programs on Mac computers.

For me, computers are too slow and in general have lowered the highest quality of graphic design as they have raised up the level from the bottom. Great, innovative work will come again, but it takes time. In the meantime, computers are just tools we can't do without. Personally, I prefer scissors.

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