Friday, March 14, 2008

Hideki Inaba

Hideki Inaba enchanted all with his complex line drawings, but despite numerous questions about how he creates them, he's keeping his trade secret close to heart. He did admit that it takes a very long time.

How is your work influenced by your culture?

It is not influenced by culture. My daily life has influenced my work.

How do you feel about designing all those English things and how do you deal with the cultural differences?

I don't understand English and also don't know difficult Japanese words. I don't think I'm interested in language much. I recognize both English and Japanese as a picture.

How do you work with the Roman alphabet when you don't understand English?

I ask my assistant or go to the web translation.

How do you feel about the Roman alphabet as opposed to kanji or hidegana?

Roman alphabet is simple and very beautiful. It is like Japanese Hiragana. I like Roman alphabet better than Kanji.

Does your Japanese heritage influence your typography?

Well, I don't know.

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