Thursday, March 27, 2008

Creative Company Conference

Design Indaba has a new sister company in Europe called the Creative Company Conference (CCC). Distinct from Design Indaba, which celebrates the creative professional, the CCC honours innovative business leaders and companies that place innovation, creativity and design as central to their strategy.

The Creative Company Conference heralds the primacy and potency of innovation and creativity in business and celebrates thought leaders in a unique assembly to be held annually in Amsterdam, where ideas, experience and best practice are shared and inspiration is sparked.

Scheduled for April 1 at Amsterdam’s spectacular Muziekgebouw, the CCC has secured ten leading innovators from four continents for its inaugural event. These include:

Position > Senior Vice President, Global Brand Marketing and Corporate Vice President
Company > The Coca-Cola Company
Country > United States
Marc Mathieu

Position > Founder
Company > IDEO
Country > United States
Bill Moggridge
Position > Chairman, President and CEO
Company > ING DIRECT
Country > United States
Arkadi Kuhlmann
Position > Fashion Entrepreneur
Company > Carlos Miele Ltda
Country > Brazil
Carlos Miele
Position > Vice President, Global Creative
Company > Starbucks Coffee Company
Country > United States
Stanley Hainsworth
Position > Founder
Company > Nando's
Country > South Africa
Robert Brozin
Position > Co-founder
Company > Innocent Drinks
Country > United Kingdom
Richard Reed
Position > Chief Creative Officer and Vice-President
Company > Disney Stores
Country > United States
Ivy Ross
Position > Chairman & Author
Company > ITR Consultants & Creative Economy
Country > United Kingdom
John Howkins

Arkadi Kuhlmann – chairman, president and CEO of the world’s largest internet bank, ING Direct; Bill Moggridge – founder of IDEO; Robert Brozin – founder of Nando’s; Richard Reed – co-founder of innocent drinks; Ivy Ross – chief creative officer and vice-president of Disney; Carlos Miele – fashion entrepreneur and founder of Carlos Miele Ltd; and John Howkins – chairman of ITR Consultants and responsible for coining the term “creative economy”.

At Design Indaba in Cape Town we celebrate the creative professional.... at CCC in Amsterdam we honour innovative business leaders and companies that place innovation, creativity and design as central to their strategy.

All Design Indaba alumni are offered a 33% discount on the full 1 day ticket to CCC – to register for this please contact and mention “Design Indaba Network ticket” in the subject line as well as which country you come from.

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