Friday, December 12, 2008

JAVIER MARISCAL returns to Design Indaba 2009

“Sometimes, the design process enables us to give new meanings to old forms or new forms to old meanings. In this way, we feel that we are advancing in our work, we are innovating, insinuating or inspiring. So that times still change. So that we are not evident.”

When people ask Javier Mariscal what he does for a living, he sometimes says he’s a tightrope walker and other times he says he’s an acrobat – even when he uses the world of the circus to describe himself, he takes on several jobs. In a circus, he would also be the ring manager, he would design the big top and the staging, he would go up on the trapeze and would be most annoyed if he didn’t find time to feed the elephants.

Furniture design, painting, sculpture, illustration, interior design, graphic design, landscape painting, gardening, horticulture and more… since Javier Mariscal’s life and career has been characterised by creative incontinence as vital activity. After wowing the crowds at Design Indaba 2003 with his theatrical multimedia performance, he now returns to the Design Indaba big top. Get ringside seats for Javier Mariscal at Design Indaba Conference 2009, from February 25 to 27.

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