Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Green Tees from Vida

The Green-T Project is an experiment in recycle, redesign, fashion and photography.

Young fashion designers were given old clothes that were donated by customers of Vida E Caffe and they were created into works of art, designers include: Jule Visnjic (Unknown), Marina Geldenhuys (Sew-Sew), Natasha Liebenberg (LiebenCut), Elmin, Ludwich Olivier.

The recycled garments will feature in a series of images created by rising photographic talents that include Brett Rubin, Natasja Fourie, Carey Niqa Wiehahn, Jesse-Leigh Elford and Justin Badenhorst. A cast of musicians and creatives that include Inge Beckmann (former lead singer of Lark), Jeremy de Tolly (lead singer of The Dirty Skirts), Ellenie Eloff (one-person band Catwalktrash), Lauren Fowler (Illustrator/Graphic Designer) and jewellery designer Philippa Green will star in the images.

The complete collection of images will be presented at vida e caffé, Wembley Square, Gardens on Thursday, 11 December 2008 at 19h30.

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