Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The 2010 Lecture Series

Spaceships, Urban Design & Context for the 2010 Stadium

“At the outset we said that we do not want a spaceship…a foreign object landing arbitrarily on the historic Green Point Common. A stadium could easily be that. The 2010 Green Point legacy stadium had to be viewed as just one part of a much bigger picture.”

2010 Lecture Series guest speaker, Henri Comrie of Comrie & Wilkinson Architects & Urban Designers is a local architect and the lead urban designer of Cape Town’s 2010 stadium. The balance of the team is made up by members from Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers and OvP Associates. The team had to ensure that the immovable and enduring presence of the 2010 Stadium is sensitive to its urban context -- the concern is with both 2010 as an event and with delivering a world-class legacy precinct for Cape Town.

Planning the entire context for the Stadium -- from the exact location on Green Point Common “off-axis” to the right from the city approach route” to its spatial design in relation to the City, Waterfront, surrounding developments, the mountain and the ocean, Comrie and his team have been working closely with Stadium Architects and with OvP Landscape Architects whose job it is to ensure that the entire Green point Common beyond the stadium precinct, is re-developed as an apt setting for a world-class stadium as well as a series of significant public spaces.

Come and hear Henri Comrie speak about the urban design of this legacy stadium at the Green Point Stadium Visitor Centre. Johan von Papendorp of OvP Associates will also be present to give an introduction to the evolving design of the Urban Park, which will be the presented in more detail at a future lecture.

The 2010 Lecture Series is a bi-monthly series of lectures by speakers who are integrally involved in the planning and implementation of national projects towards 2010, whose views are of special interest to the public.

DATE: Wednesday 22 October 2008
TIME: 17H30–19H00: 2010 Green Point Stadium site walk & Presentation
VENUE: Green Point Stadium Visitor Centre, Vlei Road, Green Point
COST: R100
RSVP: Lana Paries on 021 430 0410/9

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