Thursday, August 21, 2008

20+10+X Architecture Awards 2nd Cycle

20+10+X Architecture Awards 2nd Cycle Deadline for submissions: 24 October 2008 World’s largest directory and information sharing portal for contemporary architecture highlights the most remarkable examples of architectural imagination from all countries. The shortlist for the 1st Cycle of the “20+10+X” Awards can be viewed now, and 200+ Honorary Members have started voting for the 20 projects they consider worth promoting. Results of the 1st Cycle will be announced on 20 September 2008. Architects from all countries are invited to register free to join the WA Community and submit their projects to be appreciated and reviewed worldwide. Click to see the SHORTLIST of the 1st Cycle Click to see the brief for the 2nd Cycle Visitors can use the “Rating Machine” to see all citations in succession: +10 Awards in each Cycle are determined by the ratings of all visitors. Choose a project and start rating to participate. All architectural scholars are invited to write and submit comments and articles for shortlisted projects: “Most Mind-provoking +X” projects in each Cycle are determined by the wealth of commentaries submitted to these pages by other members. For further information please contact: Céline Duprét or Ophelia Fletcher WA Community Portal

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tanglay said...

World Architecture Community 20+10+X Awards
4th Cycle deadline announced

We are excited to announce the fourth cycle of World Architecture Community 20+10+X international architectural award programme.

Deadline: 24 April 2009

Join the community for free and get your work recognized by the international public! All projects under all categories (residential, public, workplaces...) uploaded to the portal (student, conception, built, under construction...) will be considered as candidates for this award.

Registration is completely FREE. Members will also take part in the assessment process of the projects, simply by rating the buildings. Member ratings will determine the 10 top- rated projects. Votes of the Final Assessment Panel will specify 20 +X projects from the shortlist following the aim of the awards. Submitted commentaries on the projects will be examined to select the “Most Mind-provoking +X” projects.

Eventually, an anthology of theoretical, critical, and literary interpretations will develop for each of the awarded projects which will be published in the “WA Community Award Book” (comprising several awarding cycles.)

Submit your buildings/projects for World Architecture Community Awards now! Register at

To download posters of the former WA Award Winners:

For detailed information on eligibility, criteria for recognition, timetable and much more visit:

WA Community Portal