Friday, February 08, 2008

Design Indaba 2008 Conference pop quiz!

Two weeks to go until Design Indaba 2008 and some of the world's most influential creatives are dusting off their luggage to travel to Cape Town. From laptops, robots and cars to media, logos and events, what would the world be like without these people?

Who designed the world’s first laptop?

Who is the founding editor of Elle Décor?

Who made Pechu Kucha nights as significant as moleskins and Apple?

Who designed two of the world’s most recognisable logos?

Who created the MTV orb?

Who rebranded the US’s biggest TV channel, CBS?

Who received the Wallpaper Best Breakthrough Designer award in 2007?

Who is the world’s most recognised trend forecaster?

Who styled the interiors on the Porsche Carrera GT, Cayenne and Caymann, as well as the Audi R8, A5 and A4?

Who is the senior creative director at Philips Design?

Who is the father of the turntablist-as-artist concept?

Who is one of the world’s leading designers of humanoid robots?

Who designed Sony’s best-selling LCD television?

Who was instrumental in the design of the OXO GoodGrips universal kitchen tools?

Who is on the front cover of Taschen’s Graphic Design Now?

Find out at Design Indaba 2008!

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