Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shunji Yamanaka

1. When, do you predict, will robots like Halluc 2 start being used by the public?
It will probably take more than 10 years to be used as passenger vehicle. Still, 5 years might be enough for some product with similar technology to come out.   

2. What are the applications for your robot prototypes?
If vehicles can move flexibly and sensitively, just like this robot prototype, there is no need to destroy nature to make big roads. This vehicle does not pollute, and it can travel over any terrain for versatile application.

3. Will the robots you have shown be produced as toys?
There are no plans to be produced as toys for the moment.  

4. Do you only do the body design? Who does the technical aspect?
Myself and our staff are all engineers as well as designers. We solve many technological and structural design problems.  In large projects, we collaborate with companies and researchers to develop together as well.  

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